Studio finally finished

here are a few details

Studio finally finished


Now it's time, my studio is finished and I can finally show you what I've been working on for so long. The studio is now equipped with professional wide-range absorbers, which affect the upper frequencies down to 400 Hz. For the range below 400 Hz, cavities were created behind the absorbers, supplemented by an ERGO controller from KRK, which optimizes the bass range from 400 Hz downwards by acoustic room measurement.


Studio side view


Apart from the early reflection areas, most absorbers were mounted on the ceiling for space reasons. Bookshelves on the rear wall made the additional suspension of diffusers unnecessary. This made the room sound much drier and the stereo image more detailed.
For a pleasant room climate and relaxed lighting conditions for the eyes, a lot of work was done with indirect LED light, which is hidden behind the absorbers.


Area for live-mixing


Finally, the mixing area for planned live sets was equipped with a new DJ desk and also optically upgraded with indirect LED lighting.

I am very happy with my new studio and even more motivated to work in it.


Mixing setup (not yet complete)

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