Better of alone

11.05.2018│ Here's something new for you. This time I did a remix and a rework of the world famous song "Better Off Alone" (written by Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn). Publishing (BMG Talpa Music BV). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

I see you (Marc Tomfohrde Remix)

13.05.2017│ Here is a new remix of me. The original is written and produced by Daniel Staller, vocal is Sheena Ebner.

On a trip

22.05.16│ There is no hidden story behind this project, it's just an idea with a piano.

What did you feel

Cover - What did you feel

01.04.15│ One of my first productions, sounds still semi-profassional but practice makes perfect. I tried to give more "head-room" by mastering for a better sound, but the whole song end up to quiet. I hope it'll get better next time.


Cover - Diter (Fun-Track)

28.03.15│ A little fun track from my brother's thirtieth birthday. At one lazy evening I was chating with my family and suddenly my brother-in-law sends us a funny voice-mail in which he was stuttering. I thought that would be a nice idea to put a beat on it.

Serious mood (Marc Tomfohrde interpretation mix)

08.06.14│ My very first track is a reinterpretation of a sample track out of one of my sound libraries from reFx.